Preparations before the update

Step 1: Backup the “.barcodeeshipping” folder

First, make a backup of the .barcodeeshipping folder. This folder contains the BcS database and all the configurations you have made for the modules. This folder is indispensable, always make sure NOT to delete this folder!


The folder is here:

C: /Benutzer/BENUTZERNAME/.barcodeshipping


Create an archive backup of the folder as described below and rename it.

Step 2: Backup the barcodeeshipping program folder

In this folder is the BcS program itself. Here are all the data of the software and the modules. If the software does not work properly after the update, we will set up this backup to restore the old, working version.

The folder is here:

C:/program files/ybm/.BarcodeShipping


C:/program files(x86)/ybm/.BarcodeShipping

Create a copy of the entire folder as shown below and rename it.