Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a second workplace?

It will be sufficient to copy BarcodeShipping  from the programme folder BarcodeShipping and from the configuration folder. Please note that it is important that the configuration folder remains in or is put back to the user directory. With the same steps it is also possible to move from Windows to MAC or Linux and the other way round.


When using the DHL business customer portal (VLS) for dispatch the selected dispatch option is not displayed (error message).

The most frequent problem is that the configurated dispatch method is not activated for your DHL profile. If you would like to dispatch an international parcel and receive an error message, try to leave the field with the ID for Europe parcels empty in the settings of DHL VLS. In doing so you avoid that BarcodeShipping tries to send international parcels in Europe using “Europaket”, although “Europaket” is not contained in your tariffs.


Does BarcodeShipping also work abroad?

Yes, BarcodeShipping also works abroad. Most recent versions are available in English, German and partly Italian.


Ho do I make an update?

Please contact us, we will make the update for you. If you would like to make an update yourself, please follow the instructions on the BcS website.


There is no display of my current application above the green input box.

You are not connected to the BarcodeShipping service. Please check your settings.


How can I transfer the settings to another workplace?

Simply copy the “config” folder using the path “C:/User/USERNAME/.barcodeshipping” into the same folder of the second workplace, for which the settings shall be taken over.


Hos can I safe the settings? (Backups)

Just create a copy of the “config” folder using the path “C:/User/USERNAME/.barcodeshipping” and then it is best to  copy the copy to an external memory place. You will find a detailed instruction HERE in our manual.

The standard printer must have the format A4


I receive the error message “Communication with Shop failed” and the tracking number is not stored in my shop.

The most common mistake is that in your shop the “carrier” (dispatcher) cannot be allocated. With Magento e.g. as a standard “dhlint” is applicable. Try in the BARCODESHIPPING SETTINGS !!! under “Titel” to enter “dhlint” and check whether the error continues to exist.


I receive the error message “Not in processing status” or “Order not in processing status”?

This means that the order has a status which is not released in BCS. Either this statement is correct and the order should not be sent out or processed by BCS or you will have to release the respective status in the settings. You will find more information about this in the manual under: „status configuration“ <- Link


I do not only want to load orders with the status “processing” from my shop but also orders with other status. What do I have to do?

You will have to release the respective status in the settings. You will find more information about this in the manual under: „status configuration“ <- Link


The scanning of barcodes does not work. What can I do?

Open a text programme and scan e.g. the barcode **ABORT**. When you can read e.g. //ABORT// on the screen, the wrong keyboard layout is configured in the scanner.


The printer prints a wrong format. What can I do?

Some printers offer an automatic scaling. Try to activate it.


There is a timeout occurring during weighing. Where is the mistake?

Please check the settings. Maybe the USB driver has crashed. Pull the USB cable from the scale and then re-plug it.


I have my own or another shop system or inventory control system. How can I integrate this?

Contact us. We will work out a solution together with you. Currently we are working on a general interface which can be used for individual systems.


Which Magento versions are compatible?

All Magento versions from version ##This could be your version## are compatible with BarcodeShipping.


How do I create an Api user in Magento?

In backend of Magento go to system -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML RPC Roles and create a role for the BCS user. Then go to System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML RPC Users and create the API user here.


How do I test the Magento API address?

Insert the API address e.g in your browser. If you receive the following message the address should be correct.


How do partial shipments work?

You can make a partial shipment by applying the command **FINALIZE** to the parcel which contains your demanded partial shipment, without applying the command **FINALIZE** to the other parcels.