The Picklist extension for Magento creates a document for your employee containing an overview of the ordered items which are to be dispatched. It shows details about the consignee and the items that shall be sent out, furthermore it gives information about the storage location of the single items.

Furthermore you can activate that the item codes are printed as scannable barcodes, or alternatively also the order numbers can appear as barcodes. The extension is currently available as an extension for Magento. It requires the prior YBM-Commen Extension. By installing the Picklist (or also called extended parts list) the attributes “storage location” and “storage” will be added to each item. As these are required fields, it is reasonable to assign a storage location and a storage to all the items after the installation. Under Magento this can most easily be realized for all items in one go by using “reload attributes” in the product selection.For the following applications the Picklist can automatically be generated and sent to your warehouse by Magento:
– create an invoice
– mark an invoice as “paid”
– file an invoice
In this moment an E-Mail is created and sent to the E-Mail addresses of the storages consigned respectively.
If desired, they come with a copy of the Picklist and/or the original Magento-invoice as PDF annex.
In the warehouse this E-Mail (and its annexes) can be printed out automatically and is thus provided in the printer readily to hand for the employee.
E-Mail programmes, like e.g. Outlook by Micrososft, offer Email rules so that annexes of Emails with certain keywords in their references are printed out automatically.
According to demand barcodes on the Picklist can be activated or deactivated. The E-mail layout can be created freely. The Picklist will NOT be saved in Magento, but it can of course be generated again at any time within each order process. Thus you receive a practical list of items for your warehouse and BarcodeShipping.
The employee in the dispatch department will only have to scan the order number and the items, and then he will receive the dispatch label of your forwarding agent.