Generally, most logistics and shipping businesses offer ready-made labels. That means, you receive a certain amount of ready-made labels from your service provider. Those can be put on the parcel as forwarding label, similar to a stamp. Subsequently, the return and recipient?s address have to be added either by writing or by putting one of your own labels on the parcel.

This procedure can be connected to the BarcodeShipping module. At the point when usually a label is printed, a pure address label is created and printed now in order to complement your parcel with a parcel label. Subsquently, the transaction number appears on the display as well as a request for the tracking number which you have to insert into a text field. Normally at this point, you should be able to scan the parcel label which in turn automatically registers the tracking number. Alternatively, you can type it in and confirm with ?enter?.We recommend this module, for example, for GLS or Royal Mail.

Are you using a shipping company or another option that is not supported yet? Please inform us which system it is. Maybe we can help you. Here it goes to Contact.

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