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With the BarcodeShipping Connector DPD Cloud Shipping Webservice you will create parcel notes for all the different DPD products and services most quickly and easily. Furthermore, you will automatically provide a parcel tracking service for your customer – with the DPD parcel tracking, you and your addressee can have an eye on the parcel at any time and check the status whenever necessary.

In order to use the DPD Cloud Shipping Webservice with Magento or Shopware, you only need your Webservice data from DPD and you should be authorised by DPD for the use of the system. After successful configuration of BarcodeShipping and connection to your shop system, you will create dispatch labels only by inserting or scanning the order number and by confirming the items. All steps will then be executed automatically, from printing the label to creating the shipment data and notification of your customer.

Are you using a shipping company or another option that is not supported yet? Please inform us which system it is. Maybe we can help you. Here it goes to Contact.

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