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The DHL portal for business customers can rightly and deservedly be seen as the successor of DHL Intraship. It provides further advantages and is by far more user-friendly. The connection to BarcodeShipping and thus to your OnlineShop is really easy.

You can test the software without any risk, as you can always keep on using the functions of the DHL portal for business customers. For the connection to BarcodeShipping you only need your user name and password as well as your DHL customer number and the partner IDs of your account numbers. These can be found out fairly easy by using a small trick. Click on „send“ and start to create a new dispatch label in the portal for business customers. In the lower area under the account number you will see a longer series of digits. This consists of your EKP and some further digits. The last two digits are the partner ID. Then you repeat this process and choose as target country any country within or outside the EU. This must be done because the partner ID might be different. After this insert the partner IDs into the configuration of BarcodeShipping. Now you can create DHL dispatch labels quickly and without any risk with your OnlineShop.

Are you using a shipping company or another option that is not supported yet? Please inform us which system it is. Maybe we can help you. Here it goes to Contact.

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