You can reach the option for incoming goods via a seperate tab in the upper part of the application. Firstly, the amount of products needs to be typed in or scanned. Secondly, the respective item needs to be filled in either by scanning or by selecting it from a list.
It is even possible to choose a negative amount per item in order to update outgoing goods.

Here, you have 2 options in order to alter a product?s inventory in your shop system.

Option 1 ? your item already has a barcode (e.g. printed or stuck). Then, you either scan the amount or skip this step, if otherwise the inventory will increase by only one item, and scan the item yourself.

Option 2 ? The item has NO barcode to scan. In this case, you have the option to search in your local BarcodeShipping product database for the item (the calibration of the product data is fully automated with the shop system). By not scanning but selecting the item from a list (double-click with the left mouse button) you are now able to automatically print the according amoung of forwarding labels (for items without barcode).