The function “delivery note” in BarcodeShipping is contained from version 3.0 on. It provides several advantages.
– delivery note ONLY with items dispatched (in case of partial shipment)
– printout of “customers were also buying…” items in the delivery note
– own layout of the delivery note
As these functions are part of BarcodeShipping and not a direct extension of a warehouse or shop system, they are automatically compatible to all versions compatible with BardcodeShipping.

After successful creation of a dispatch label BarcodeShipping will print, on a printer of your choice, a DinA4 delivery note. It will ONLY contain the items of this delivery, thus it represents a perfect solution for partial shipments. Should you have configured Magento e.g. with upselling or crossselling products, you can show related products with the hint “customers were also buying…” under the delivery note. This convenient advertising will be quite enduring, if the customer keeps the delivery note. The layout of the delivery note can be designed freely by you with the help of …. However, we will be glad to support you or take over the complete layout. Ideally you can provide a pattern, e.g. as PDF, graphic or word file. Just phone us for an offer or contact us under