What does the software offer you?

The new BarcodeShipping 2.0 Cloudsolution not only offers you a new billing system, but also other new features such as: the use of different sender addresses.

In addition, it is now easier for fulfillment providers to maintain different versions as well as easier to bill internally.

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BarcodeShipping manual

As the application continues to evolve, we have decided to use an indirect manual for barcode shipping. All the information you need can be found in FAQ.

Shipping CloudNo installation in the shopCustoms papersQuality control
The new BarcodeShipping 2.0 uses an additional web interface, by e.g. manage sender addresses or shipping quota. In addition, this offers the possibility that future versions can communicate directly with each other.
To use Barcodeshipping in Magento shop systems you need no installation in your shop. Therefore, you can safely test BarcodeShipping without endangering your shop.
Depending on the selected shipping service providers, customs documents will be printed directly with your shipping label. An additional creation of foreign or customs documents is therefore not necessary.
By scanning the goods and article numbers, only the items that the customer has ordered are shipped.

Price and costs

BarcodeShipping can save you and your company a lot of time both in shipping the goods and the customer after receiving the goods. For one, no wrong items can be sent. On the other hand, there are fewer returns. This saves you time and money! If your expectations on the number of items do not correspond to one of our offers, please contact us directly.   Continue reading

Service and Support

We specialize in optimizing workflows (workflow optimization). Currently we are strongly represented in the area of ​​the shipping process by our in-house developments “BarcodeShipping” and the “Advanced Picklist”. These applications help your staff, accelerate the shipping process by up to 90%, reduce error rates by up to 99%, and provide you with quality control. Continue reading for the BarcodeShipping Guide. Continue reading

Installation in the shop

To barcode shipping e.g. In Magento shop systems to be able to use, you need no installation in your shop. Therefore, you can test BCS without endangering your shop. All you have to do is enter the corresponding access data in the client. Continue reading