Name: Name of the shipping module
Example: Intraship

Default Shipper: Confirm, if this shipping method should be set as standard. The standard is always used, if not changed at the beginning.

URL: URL to the Intraship Webservice that you would like to use

Intraship Log-in URL: URL to the Intraship Log-in portal. Here, you can open the Intraship backend fast and easy

User name: Intraship user name
Example: BCS User

Signature: Password for the Intraship user
Example: *******

Default Code:

Standard shipping rate: 
Example: DHL Paket

EKP: EKP number (customer ID) for your Intraship access
Example: 987654321

Partner ID: Partner ID for your Intraship access
Example: 01

Send Notification: If this option is activated, Intraship informs the customer via e-mail when a shipment is being issued

Printer: Printer in order to create forwarding labels (generally, label printer)
Example: ZebraDHL

Export Description: Description of the items for international shipping
Example: electronic appliances, clothing, other items

Export Type Description: Description of the type of exported items
Example: television, shirts, other

Export Commodity Code: Customs tariff number for overseas shipping
Example: 98765432s

Export Printer: Name of the printer that generates export customs documents (generally, DINA4)
Example: Brother HL1430