Name: Enter the name of the dispatch module here.

URL: Enter the URL here.

Example: https:// HYPERLINK “”

Consumer Key: Enter your consumer key here.

Consumer Secret: Enter your consumer secret here.

Load Commodity Code (customs tariff number): Tick here for customs tariff number

Product attributes with scannable codes: Enter the code of the attribute which is to be scanned here.

Save tracking number: Allows saving of the tracking number

Code for cash on delivery: Enter the code for cash on delivery here.

Ignore missing weight: Tick here, if missing weight is to be ignored.

Send E-Mail: Tick here, if an E-Mail is to be sent.

Add the tracking number to the comment field of the E-Mail: Tick here, if the tracking number is to be added to the E-Mail.

Code for minimum age: Enter code for minimum age here.

Attributes for alcohol, tobacco, plants, perishable freight and special exceptions: Enter attributes here.

Conveyable status codes: Enter status codes here which are to be conveyed.