Title: This field should be filled with the Title of the Window.
Example: “BarcodeShipping of the Company Mustermann Stock X1Y2 / Shipping Place 12”

Username: Enter your BardcodeShipping Username here.

Password: Enter your BarcodeShipping Password here.

Default Adress: Here you can Enter the Adress which will be used by Default.

Default Shop: Here you can Enter the Default Shop that should be used.

Default Scale: Decide if you want to use the Weight from the Shop or if you want to weigh the Product yourself.

Delay before weighing: Enter the amount of Seconds the Software waits before Scanning.

Save tracking number: If you deactivate this field, the tracking number of the sending will NOT be saved.

Check order Status: Untick to Ignore the Statusof the Order

Validate Adress

Label Printer: Choose  the Printer which prints the Product-Barcodes on the Stocktool.

Print Label: Untick this to not print Stocktool Labels.

Mouse Mode

Show sendable Orders

Show Parcel Selection