Name: Name of the module

Use sandpit: –

Username: Enter your username here.

Signature: Enter your signature here.

National Standard Code

European Standard Code

International Standard Code

National Express Standard Code

European Express Standard Code

International Express Standard Code

Billing Number: Here you enter the billing number for the applicable package.

Transport insurance: Check here to indicate that your package has a transport insurance.

Send notification: Check this box to receive a notification.

Return note: Make a check here to attach a return receipt.

Return to sender data: Make a check to save the sender data here.

Recourse to order number with missing invoice number: Make a check here to access the order number if the invoice number does not exist.

Default name of the recipient: This is where the name of the recipient comes in.

Use of additional address lines as name: Check this box to use the additional address line as name

Printer: Here you select your printer.

Send export notification: Check this box to receive an export notification.

Export Description: –

Export Type Description: –

Export commodity code: Check this box to export the commodity code

Request Return Label: Check this box to request a return label.