The configuration page of BcS can be reached via the upper menu under File-> Settings

The site consists of several areas:

The tabs (modules)

In the upper part of the window are the so-called tabs, here you select the module to be configured. Here you can choose and change between the individual modules and edit the individual configurations without losing the respective changes.  

The configuration

The middle of the window is filled in with the options, which are the settings you can or must make for the selected module. For instructions and further details concerning the individual modules, please refer to the manual page, there is a guide for each module with detailed configuration information  

The buttons

At the bottom are some buttons and a drop down menu: Use the “Save” button to save your current changes to the configurations. with the button “close” close the configuration window WITHOUT saving your changes.


In the lower left corner of the window is the profile section, consisting of a drop down menu and the “delete profile” button. With this button you delete the currently selected profile, while you select the profile with the dropdown. You can create a new profile by clicking in the profile drop-down and replacing the current profile name with another one. If the entered name has not yet been assigned, a new profile will be created. If the name is already taken, the entered profile will be selected.