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Welcome to ‘BarcodeShipping’

BarcodeShipping is a JAVA application that connects sales platforms such as online shops (Magento, Oxid etc.), Afterbuy, eBay or Amazon to shipping service providers such as UPS, DHL, Hermes etc., and therefore make the procedure of dispatch/shipping easier. All you need in order to operate BarcodeShipping is the basic software and the modules corresponding to your intended use. The system works modular, i.e. can be compiled individually. For example, Magento can be associated to DHL surname, or the program may automatically recognise overseas shipping and print the forwarding label and customs documents. The installation is very simple. However, always feel free to get in touch with our customer’s service.

The latest BarcodeShipping version 2.0 cooperates with a cloud user profile. Data such as return adress, invoice, shipping capacity or tracking information can be managed via a seperate online platform.

BarcodeShipping is a JAVA application. JAVA applications are indepentend from any kind of platform. However, your system has to be qualified in order to use JAVA. Therefore, a JAVA Client needs to be installed. Operating systems WindowsOSX and Linux can download JAVA Clients at If you meet the previous mentioned requirements you can download and install the Barcode Shipping installation files. During the installation you are able to choose which shipping service providers you would like to install. After the installation you need to configurate the application.
In order to do so,start the software and go to settings. Fill in your log-in details in order to gain “BarcodeShipping Access”. Further, fill in the log-in details for your “Shop API” as well as for “Your Shipping Service Provider” A DIRECT INSTALLTION IN YOUR SHOP SYSTEM IS NOT NECESSARY. After setting the remaining parameters, e.g. return address, you are ready to start.