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Barcode Shipping - Shipping solution for your online shop

Connect applications with shipping service providers quickly, easily and without risk and use many additional functions.


Do you operate an online shop and ship your parcels via one or more shipping service providers? The packages that leave your company every day are still painstakingly hand-prepaid and shipping must be reconfirmed with each order, that means each order must be opened individually and registered the shipment by entering the respective tracking number? Here, typing errors can quickly sneek in and your customer can not track his shipment. To avoid this you should use BarcodeShipping. BarcodeShipping is a program that is specially developed for online shop operators and automates the parcel shipping and thus considerably simplified.

Practical solution

BarcodeShipping saves time and money. It offers you a solution to the following problems: The address data from the purchase orders are automatically transferred, for example. after Intraship. Your shipment numbers automatically transferred from BarcodeShipping to Magento, to avoid typing mistakes.. The BarcodeShipping PickList also simplifies the packing of consignments. Shipping of all packages is now confirmed without opening each order.

No risk

Do not take any risks with the latest version of BarcodeShipping. You register on this page, load a JAVA application on your shipping computer and connect to your shop system via the API. That means:

Then you can use up your start contingent of shipments for free.

Advantages at a glance

  • Shipping a picklist
  • Picklists for different stock
  • Quality control by scanning
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Various delivery addresses
  • Automatic weight determination
  • Customs information
  • Automatic print
  • Shipping information in the shop system
  • Trackingnumber
  • Partial shipments
  • And many many more…
All advantages in detail
Advantages at a glance
How does BarcodeShipping work?

How does BarcodeShipping work?

  1. End customer pays an invoice
  2. Order will be released
  3. Processing instruction goes to the warehouse
  4. Available orders are displayed in barcode shipping
  5. Somebody scans the order or clicks on it
  6. ONLY deliverable and ordered items will be scanned or clicked by someone
  7. Shipping documents are generated automatically
  8. Shipping documents printed out automatically
  9. Feedback to the order system is executed automatically
  10. Tracking information stored fully automatically in the OnlineShop
  11. Emails with tracking number will be sent automatically
  12. Process completed, next order 😉
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Your customer does not reward the beautiful technology, he is only interested in the better performance.

No matter if single-user, multi-user, isolated solution, logistics center, group or start-up. BarcodeShipping is the easy solution to optimize shipping processes and save time and money.

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