BarcodeShipping is a programm that has been developed specifically for operators of online shops. It automates and simplifies the shipping process. Are you operating an online shop that forwards its parcels via one or more delivery services?
Are the shipments that leave your company daily still stamped by hand in a time-consuming manner, and does the shipping have to be confirmed for each new order (i.e. every order has to be opened seperately and its tracking number has to be inserted in order to verify the shipping)? Thereby, typing errors may happen, and thus, your customer may not be able to track their shipment.

Save time and money

BarcodeShipping offers you a practical and time-saving solution to all of those problems:

  • The order's adress details are automatically transferred to e.g. Intraship.
  • The tracking number is automatically transferred to Magento by Barcode Shipping which prevents bothersome typing errors.
  • The Barcode Shipping PickList also simplifies the packing of shipments.
  • Now, all shipments can be controlled without having to open each order individually.

No risk

By using the latest version of BarcodeShipping you are taking NO RISK. Sign up on this page. Download a JAVA application onto the computer used for the management of shipments and connect it to your shop system via API. This means NO INSTALLATION IN YOUR SHOP SYSTEM. Now, you are able to use your contingent of FREE shipments.

Customers do not reward the skillful technology, they are only interested in the better service.

An easy solution in order to save time and money, and to optimise your shipping process. Regardless of whether it concerns single-users, isolated applications or start-ups.

Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Send a PickList to the stock management via e-mail including the barcodes that are to be scanned, and the invoice as pdf-format in the appendix
  • Divide PickLists if there are different warehouse locations (not storage areas!)
  • Quality control of the packed items by scanning those which are ready for dispatch
  • Automatic transfer of information to the shipping sercive providers etc.
  • Delivery address
  • Weight and size of package
  • Customs information etc.
  • Automatic writing and printing of the forwarding label
  • Automatic writing and printing of customs documents for overseas shipping
  • Automatic transfer of shipping information back to the shop system etc.
  • Tracking number
  • Items that have already been shipped and items that have not yet been shipped (partial delivery)
Barcode Shipping Vorteile
  • Österreichische Post

    Österreichische Post

  • DHL Business Portal

    The DHL portal for business customers can rightly and deservedly be seen as the successor of DHL Intraship. It provides further advantages and is far more user-friendly. The connection to BarcodeShipping and thus to your OnlineShop is really easy.

How does BarcodeShipping work?

  • A new order in your shop system (e.g. Magento status order: "outstanding")
  • The customer pays the remaining amount (e.g. via money transfer)
  • The invoice is issued via the shop system by the payment's confirmation (status order: "processing")
  • Then Barcode Shipping sets in: The order as well as the so-called PickList are automatically being printed via your e-mail program.
  • Warehouse: A staff member gathers the ordered items (by means of the PickList) from the according storage areas and delivers them to the shipping department.
  • Shipping department: A staff member scans the barcode from the PickList. Then, the size of the package can be chosen by scanning another barcode from the document, or directly from the shipping carton. After that, the content of the order is automatically shown in two lists. The upper list contains the items that are not yet in the shipping carton. The lower list shows the items that have already been scanned. By scanning its barcode an item shifts from the upper to the lower list (if there are any items without barcodes the product SKU needs to be typed in manually). That way, the shipping of wrong or too many items are to be prevented due to an error message you are about to receive if an item that has not been ordered is scanned.